Authorized Repair Service Provider for Samsung Appliances

We are official Samsung repair specialists

Samsung is a reputed electronics manufacturer and its home appliances are known for their quality. Be it dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, or microwaves, Samsung is one of the most popular choices for customers. But, what do you do if your Samsung product isn’t working as expected? Or what do you do if your Samsung appliances need regular maintenance? It’s simple. You reach out to us as we are authorized repair and maintenance service providers for Samsung home appliances. Whether you are having trouble understanding the mechanism of a new Samsung appliance or need to ensure smooth working of an old one, we will give you doorstep services for all your concerns.

Appliances that we specialize in

Take the stress out of dealing with drenched clothes with our Top Notch Dryer Repair Services in Cambridge


Don't waste time letting your clothes air dry. Call us today.

Nimbly Appliance Repair Inc. will ensure the smooth working of your Dishwasher with Quality Dishwasher Repair Services


We’ll get your washer fixed before your laundry piles up.

Deep Freezer Repair Services at Nimbly Appliance Repair Inc. will help in keeping things cold for a longer time


Freezer isn’t keeping things cold anymore? Let us help you.

High Quality Stove Repair Services offered by Nimbly Appliance Repair Inc. in Cambridge, ON


Keep your family moving with a high-performing stovetop.

Cambridge based Nimbly Appliance Repair Inc. offers Comprehensive Oven Repair and Maintenance Services


We’ll get your oven ready for baking delicious dishes once again.

HomeStars verified Refrigerator Repair Services by Nimbly Appliance Repair Inc. in Cambridge


Stop your food from getting spoiled. Call us now.

How can we help with your Samsung appliances?

Call us at (226) 600-7880

Warranty service calls for Samsung, please call 1 (800) 726-7864 to set up your appointment.

Text WECARE (932273) for instant support for Samsung products. Available 24/7.